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pure delish Raspberry & Maple Nograin-Ola served with a dollop of natural yoghurt? Yes please!

Talk about starting your day off right… you can almost taste the tropical goodness through the screen!

pure delish Cranberry & Almond Grain-Ola served with a spoonful of yoghurt and fresh strawberries… now that’s a combo!

Business Chicks’ Movers and Breakers Breakfast

pure delish was fortunate enough to support Business Chicks’ Movers and Breakers Breakfast in 2022 – an all-women event set up to encourage extraordinary connection and learning through guest speakers.

Homer Hack’s Spring Ladies Lunch

The inaugural Spring Ladies Lunch hosted by The Homer Hack was an extraordinary triumph, surpassing expectations!

The initial objective for the event was to shed light on The Homer Hack and their steadfast dedication to advancing research into rare gene variants.
We are thrilled to announce that more than $20,000 was raised during the lunch, a monumental achievement that will undoubtably leave a profound and lasting impact on the scientific community’s efforts to address these pressing concerns.