about us

pure delish started life as seasonal festive cake company in 1997. The business was founded by Kaz Staples, a young mum who decided she needed to make some extra cash for her family at Christmas. Being a keen baker, this seemed like a logical way to generate income.  Kaz saw a gap in the market for high-end Christmas Cakes and decided to fill it.  40 products, 30 staff and a thriving business later, pure delish is a real kiwi success story. 

The seasonal festive cake business took a pivotal turn in 2006 when the first Farro Fresh store was about to open in Auckland.  The owners were looking for a high-end muesli, so they approached Kaz to see if she was interested in making one. That’s when our first muesli was born, Original Chunky Nut Muesli, still one of our most popular products. At the time, it was a risk, as it cost considerably more than any other breakfast cereal on the market.  After much resistance, plenty of persuasion, and lots of hard work, pure delish are now the outright market leader in premium breakfast cereals in New Zealand!

Over the next 14 years our range has expanded from one cereal to several, plus snack bars, biscuits/bites, slabs and most recently snacking clusters.

As consumers have got more adventurous, and food and diet trends more popular, we have gotten more innovative and released products like the first paleo/grain-free cereal to the market, top seller Raspberry & Maple Nut Nograin-ola.  We have also launched interesting flavours like, Pineapple & Macadamia, Wild Berry & Hemp and Strawberry & Pistachio Breakfast Mix.   

As a company, we keep a close eye on market trends and consumer demands for products that are, not only, clean label, made from real ingredients, but also those that tick the boxes for keto friendly, no refined sugar, gluten free, plant based, plus many more…  

But no matter what trends have come and gone, we always stay true to our roots, hand-crafting delicious products from the best quality ingredients with the bare minimum of processing. 

Even today, when we are in nearly every supermarket and independent grocer in New Zealand, this hasn’t changed. After over two decades in business, we are aware that doing things by hand is the only way to assure the quality we’re after.  We are committed to producing mouth-wateringly, delicious products with health benefits. If it doesn’t taste amazing and have a point of difference, it’s not a pure delish product! 

At the heart of pure delish are our people. We have a fantastic team who bring life, laughter and dedication to our production facility each and every day. Our kitchens are manned by real people – blending, weighing, baking and quality checking – there’s not a factory robot in sight! 

We are a melting pot of cultures and experience and we’re sure that this is the secret ingredient that takes our products from great to unrivaled.