Look out for our new packaging!

Did you know it takes 6kg of C02 to produce 1kg of virgin plastic, and only 2kg of C02 to produce 1kg of recycled plastic?

After transitioning our packaging to materials containing 26% recycled plastics in 2023, we are excited to share that our cereals will now sport new packaging made from 42% recycled plastics! This new and exciting change allows us to take another step towards reducing our environmental footprint by limiting our CO2 output.

Now, you may be wondering how this affects you. Well, as a consumer, this change means you are doing your bit to help the environment by ensuring our air is pure and land less polluted.

But why is our new packaging only 42% recycled content and not 100%? To put it simply, Food Safety Regulations outline that plastics in direct contact with food have to be made with virgin raw materials. While we have utilised technology that can add 42% recycled content to the outer layers (not in food contact), we are unable to increase this percentage until Regulations allow for us to do so. The silver lining here is that technology is improving and moving quite fast in this space, and we are committed to transitioning our packaging to greater %’s of recycled plastics once approved by Food Safety Regulators.

Keep an eye out for more updates to come.